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EnCompass landscape
This is the view as you drive in.

This is the Meadow where the ceremony will take place.

Another view of the Meadow.

This is Elephant Rock. Through it is a path that leads to the Conference Center.

This is the path through Elephant Rock.

This is the entrance to the Conference Center.

This is the hallway that leads into the Conference Center.

This is the fireplace that is in the Conference Center.

Another view of the fireplace.

Me and Lori (the Event Coordinator for EnCompass). Behind us the buffet area.

This is the ceiling of the Conference Center.

Inside the Conference Center looking out to the patio.

Looking out to the patio.

This is the patio.

Another view of the patio.

Down the path to the cabins.

Closer view of the cabins.

The single cabin.

Inside the double cabin.

The sleeping arrangement of the cabins.

This is one of the crawl spaces for sleeping inside the cabin.
Tanner and I have rented 3 "cabins" for our guests to sleep in, just in case they find that they cannot drive safely home. Two of the cabins are joined together and there is one that is by itself. Each cabin has a bunkbed, a double futon and a crawl space for about 5 people to sleep. Would you like more information about the cabins? Drop me a line!

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